The Limestone Canyon


A few weeks ago, me and my buddy Will trucked down to the Walbran Valley for an amazing 3 day adventure. We had heard from friends that the trail we had built in March led to a sweet limestone canyon and we wanted to go explore it for ourselves.

After hiking down to the end of our trail, we got to a dry riverbed going up the hillside. Within a few minutes of following it, the banks of the river turned into steep limestone walls that towered 30-40 feet above us. Giant 1000 year old logs were wedged high up above, thrown violently by the water during the big winter floods.

We kept hiking up the river, climbing up and over little waterfalls, big car sized boulders and limestone karst features. Things got progressively steeper until we got to a 25 foot waterfall that we could not get over. Hiking perpendicularly to the river, we slowly bushwacked down the steep hill towards the Walbran river, passing gigantic cedars, carpets of knee high sword ferns and big pieces of deadfall making every step laborious.

Finally, after much clambering and falling over the thick underbrush, we emerged from the forest looking over the deep pure emerald green waters of the Marble Canyon.