Allô from Europe!


Hey y’all from Europe! I’m writing from the back of a cramped van somewhere in Poland on route for Warsaw. It’s been a pretty crazy last two weeks with some major drives (we’ve driven almost 4000kms now with another month to go), some piss early mornings and a a lot of pretty crazy shows.

So, a little update:
We released our new album, “Each Other”, almost a month ago and we’re going to be playing shows all over over the next few months. We’re currently doing Europe opening for Half Moon Run but we’ll be coming back in April to play North America. Europe has been nice and as per usual very awesome, but I can’t deny I’m a little excited to play Canada again! The current show dates for the next few months are now up and but I’ll be updating the show page as things develop.

Oh yeah, did I say we’re playing with Half Moon Run? It’s been super awesome so far and everybody in the band and their production crew have been unbelievably nice and accommodating. They run an incredibly tight ship with their team and their show is really great. The band’s success and talent is definitely something to aspire to.

In other news, I’ll be posting a bunch of pictures from my last two months of trail building out in the Walbran Valley. I got the opportunity to work with some great people and I can’t wait to show you guys pictures of our recent work.

Talk soon!

European Tour dates
Saturday 27 February 2016
Grelle Forelle, Vienna, Austria

Sunday 28 February 2016
Technikum, Munich, Germany

Monday 29 February 2016
X-TRA, Zürich, Switzerland

Tuesday 01 March 2016
Circolo Magnolia, Segrate, Italy

Thursday 03 March 2016
L’Epicerie Moderne, Feyzin, France

Friday 04 March 2016
La [2], Barcelona, Spain

Saturday 05 March 2016
Sala Caracol, Madrid, Spain

Monday 07 March 2016
Le Chabada, Angers, France

Wednesday 09 March 2016
Le Big Band Cafe, Caen, France

Friday 11 March 2016
La Cigalle, Paris, France

Saturday 12 March 2016
Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing, France

Thursday 17 March 2016
Academy, Dublin, Ireland

Saturday 19 March 2016
Queen Margaret Union (QMU), Glasgow, UK

Monday 21 March 2016
O2 Academy 2 Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

​Tuesday 22 March 2016
O2 Institute Birmingham, Digbeth, UK

Wednesday 23 March 2016
Roundhouse, London, UK

Songs Not Stumps-Nov 3rd @ the Copper Owl

The Wilderness Committee and OWC Productions present Songs not Stumps – A benefit concert for the Walbran Valley featuring Carmanah, West My Friend, and Katabat. All proceeds from the evening will go towards the Wilderness Committee’s campaign to save one of the island’s last remaining old growth forests. Tickets are $15 (available at the door), doors at 730pm.

—About the Walbran—
After massive protests and public outcry in the early 1990’s over proposed clear-cutting in the Carmanah and Walbran Valleys, the provincial government created the Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park. While the park protects some incredible forest, the government left the roughly 500-hectare Central Walbran Valley out of the park. The Central Walbran contains arguably the most impressive and massive trees on the Island, in areas like the Castle Grove and Black Diamond Grove. Now a new company, Teal Jones, has its sights set on these giants, with only groups like the Wilderness Committee standing in the way.

West My Friend:

walbran poster_v1.indd

Post-Tour Debrief part 3: Leipzig, Berlin

My overexcitable camera trigger finger finally came to it’s frantic peak in Leipzig and Berlin (sorry Hanover, Göttigen and Amsterdam, but I was too tired to take pictures).

Unfortunately, Leipzig ended up being just a very brief pit stop on our way to Berlin. An industrial powerhouse during the cold war, Leipzig is now filled with massive abandoned factories and warehouses covered in graffiti. I had just enough time to run to this multi-city block sized building and look in before we had to leave. You could of spent days exploring in there…

After grabbing some road beers (as long as you aren’t the driver, you can drink beers inside a vehicle. It’s the best!), we headed off to Berlin.

Definitely one of the coolest, most interesting spots on tour. This town is awesome! Incredibly rich in history, very culturally divers, amazing food, and best of all, super cheap! After spending just two days here, there’s been talk in the band of spending a few months in Berlin just to hangout and make music.

Berlin was one of the few mornings we didn’t have to drive off somewhere, so we were able to go wander through the city for a few hours checking out amazing Turkish food, the Berlin wall, and cool graffiti (which is literally on every piece of vertical concrete).

More pictures…..

Post-tour debrief 2: Paris, some British Town, Augsburg

-A french NYC
-People everywhere! It was awesome!
-La Goutte D’or: (French pronunciation:  [ɡut dɔʁ], Drop of Gold) is a neighbourhood in Paris, located in the 18th arrondissement.
The neighbourhood has large numbers of North African and sub-Saharian residents. It is known for its open-air market, le marché Dejean.[1]
– Graffiti, pastries, cured meats, and dirty underground bars

Some British town:
– Terrible breakfast
– Terrible expensive breakfast
– The worst mattress of all tour
– Terrible, expensive, deep fried toast breakfast.

– Great people, great vibe.
– The coolest hotel I’ve ever been to in my life.
– Beds 4 feet off the ground in a concrete box. Awesome!

Even more mediocre 35mm pics here.

Post-Tour debrief: Part 1

I finally made it to Europe!!! Last September (the 23rd to be exact), I left Victoria to meet up with Aidan and the band for a whirlwind two week tour of western Europe. It was intense! Early mornings, 5-8 hours drives everyday, frantic setups, soundchecks and daily shows left us exhausted with very little time to check out this sweet new continent. Unfortunately for the band, I was trigger happy with my camera and I now have trudge through 600 mediocre photos of blurry lamp posts.

Part 1: Hamburg-Some Castle near Dortmund-Luxembourg

Tour started with a hellishly brutal flight. Leave piss early Thursday morning (read 430am), and arrive at 4pm…Friday… In a completely exhausted, grimy and wiped out state, we headed from the airport to explore the Reeperbahn festival. The Reeperbahn festival is difficult to explain. Imagine CMW/NXNE but european (so chock full of cigarette smokers and tiny venues with no maximum capacity) and held on a street that alternates McDonald’s restaurants with strip clubs, prostitutes, and open liquor sales. Yeah, it was dreammmmmy!

After a handful of shows, we ended up in the supperrr swanky city of Luxembourg. This major banking centre is crazy rich. Everything seemed scrubbed clean and designed by an uber rich real estate agent going for the ‘old world’ look. I kept looking at people walking by me dressed to the 10’s and wondering which world dominating company they must own. Hell, even the graffiti looked clean! The city sprawls from a valley floor right up and over a crazy steep hill. Driving our van on these 300 year old horse carriage roads meant pulling 50 point right hand turns, burning through our clutch (sorry rental company) and having some serious butt pucker moments….

Check out the rest of the pictures here!

PS Major, major sincere thanks to our tour manager and driver Dave Meisner (@dfgmeisner). We couldn’t of done it without him!

We’re going to Europe!!!

Hey Friends,
We’re going to Europe!!! I’m so excited!!! Tomorrow morning, at an ungodly 6am, I head for the skies and start 30 hour trans-atlantic boredom marathon. After that, it’s two and a half weeks of awesome shows with Aidan Knight. Hope to see y’all there!

tour poster



Hey Everybody, Please give this a read! I’ve been doing a lot of work in the Walbran lately and crucial to try to save this irreplaceable and incomparable forest. I first posted this story on my photography site.

Les Adventures de ClipClop, le French Horse

Home to some of the last tracts of intact old growth forest on Vancouver Island, the Central Walbran Valley is home to one of the most impressive ecosystems on the west coast. The forest supports volumes of plant biomass double that of a tropical rainforest, some of biggest and oldest trees ever recorded (Western Red Cedars, Sitka Spruce, Hemlock and Douglas Fir), and is home to species like the Pigmy owl, Roosevelt Elk, and the critically endangered Marbled Murrelet (which nest exclusively in old growth trees).

Tragically, the forest is critically close to being clear cut.

Last week (September 18), the government approved the first of 8 proposed cut blocks by Teal Jones. With only 4 % of the original low-elevation temperate rainforests left on southern Vancouver Island, we cannot afford to lose one of the most important carbon sequestering, culturally and recreationally important forests.

33-DSC_9486 A 1200 year old cedar

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